Imagining the Square

July 12, 2018

As I travel around in the various Masonic capacities it’s presently my honor to serve, I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are, as Masons, to enjoy this worldwide Fraternity. 

         There are many reasons to be a Mason – education, philosophy, degree wok, symbolism, history, networking, and so on – but for me the best among them has to be Brotherhood

         It doesn’t matter where you go, there is Brotherhood. And one is instantly at home among Brothers. The great conversations one is afforded; the good company among thinkers, movers and shakers; the camaraderie, and the good fun. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank our Great Creator for the Brotherhood of Freemasons. 

         Can you imagine your life without Masonry? 

         And it gets better because, despite the good fun and friendships we get to enjoy, we yet magnify each other’s labors and redouble our charity. 

         Peter reminds us that, “Charity shall cover the multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8) and thank goodness, indeed, because our charity might just be large enough! 

         So I thank you, my Brothers, for covering my own.

         That’s not to say it’s all kicks and giggles. In Masonry, just like in every other institution peopled by fallible humans, there is politics, infighting, intrigue, social climbing, and misplaced motives. We have to remain vigilant to ward off these parasites that sap the best of human nature and prey on good conscience. The honorable way is not always easy – beset by brigands and thieves – but it is the only way a Mason can travel, and besides he is equipped with the right tools to make the way clear – the plumb, the level, and the square. With these he can love his neighbor in thought, word, and deed.

         The right way is the right way precisely because it is not easy. 

         Trust in the right, and the rest will fall into place. Do the right thing, the world will know. The motto of the English-side of my family (in medieval French) is fait ce qu’il droit, advienne que pourra – “do what is right, come what may.” 

         The working tools are like rigging on the great boat of circumstance. Properly in hand, the ship will sail through the most ardent squalls. Yet it’s all too easy to forget these necessary accouterments; the plumb, the level, and the square; to think of them as just objects presented in the ritual. To be blown by the tides. We must try to keep them nearby – in our minds eye we can activate them, “see” them, and they may help maintain us in the face of otherwise insurmountable challenges. 

         Do what is right, come what may.

         My earnest hope is that the Rocky Mountain Mason magazine can be just such a tool box. That it can kindle the imagination to render these symbols pregnant with actionable intent. To visualize the square is to possess, encoded, a special doctrine brimming with meaning and latent potential. It’s a type of social programming that restores one to right action. Always. Thus we use the working tools by visualizing them in times of challenge or difficulty and, in the same way, they inform our actions like a breath of fresh air.

         Dream big, my Brothers, and breathe deep, for what we “see” we become.

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