That Truth is Better Than Falsity

April 1, 2016

Magna Est Veritas et Praevelabit!


“Great is Truth, and it will prevail!”


This seems an obvious statement.  But why is it the case?  In the material world we often see people using falsity to gain advantage; to deceive and connive is, sadly, seemingly business as usual in the modern age.  Much material wealth is built on lies.

            But logically, truth must remain preeminent.  For truth comes first.

            Falsity needs truth, even while truth does not require falsity.  For something to be false, it must be rendered against something that is, ultimately, true.  For something to be false, it must be subsequently rendered after a preexisting truth.

Falsity, therefore, must counterfeit truth – but truth never counterfeits anything.  It shines by itself.

            Falsity is less than truth.  Truth is self-evident, while falsity must be disguised.  Truth shines in resplendence, like the lamp atop the hill.  Falsity is concocted in darkness, hid from the world.

            Falsity is a move towards the self, for self-directed means.  Truth is independent, above and beyond a single will, and cares not for the machinations of the small soul.

            Those who speak falsity concoct only confusion.  But truth is a pure revelation.  Those who believe they require falsity, require only themselves.  Those who desire truth, change the world.

            Fear is the counterpart to falsity.  Only the fearful lie.  (Even a lie to advance oneself in the eyes of the world is based on fear, or the envy, of coming second.) 

Fulfillment is the product of truth.  Justice is founded upon it.  But falsity only erects false monuments to pride.

            Many a man will appear to be honest, but his lies will be found out.  A man who speaks truth is forgivable.   A man who lies is contemptible.

            Speech is a creative act.  Speech is a human act.  False speech condemns the speaker, whereas, verily, truth sets him free.

            “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!” The Psalmist said.  Render Holy Speech, free from manipulations and falsehood, to the pleasing recitation of the Word.  For, when the small world speaks, the large world hears.  Nothing is lost!

            To bring to light is to uncover.  The truth is the light.  The covering is concealment.

Knowing is a form of expression, sometimes words are not needed.

When someone is truthful, forgive them.  When they lie, be gentle.  Waste no words.  But never follow a man who lies.  A liar can teach nothing beyond himself.

            As Knights Templar we strive for pure speech and good works.  Together, they bring understanding.  Indeed, wisdom must be developed to be successful and considerate with truth.  

            The Christ said, “I am the truth, the way,  and the light.”  This trinity, like the trinity of the Godhead, as symbolized by the perfect triangle, cannot be separate.  They comprise the Only One.  We must strive for truth in thought, word, and deed.  

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